La Difference - Le Pressoir, 20 minutes from Bagnoles de l'Orne

Activities and culture

The biggest charm of La Difference – Le Pressoir is the peace, tranquility and nature.
An authentic bit of France, not yet overrun by tourists,
is the ideal place to leave all the stress behind you.

Poiré, Cider, Calvados and of course last but not least the famous delicious Camembert!

Peace, tranquility and nature
Peace, tranquility and nature
Peace, tranquility and nature
Mont Saint Michel

La différence – Le Pressoir is situated in the Orne, a beautiful area rich in nature, culture, history, lovely food and drink.
The area is famous for its Poiré, Cider, Calvados and Camembert.

In the immidiate surroundings:

  • Barenton: The “Maison de la pomme et de la poire” is certainly worth a visit.
  • Lonlay l'Abbaye: A biscuit factory in L’Abbaye.
  • Champ Secret: Cheese farm Duchampsecret (Camembert)
  • Mortain: A series of small and bigger waterfalls give a grandiose spectacle.

You want more action? We can propose the following activities

La Fosse-Arthour
La Fosse-Arthour
La Fosse-Arthour
La Fosse-Arthour

La Fosse-Arthour (5min)

La Fosse –Arthour is famous for its wild character and beauty of the rocks. The river Sonce rushes through a chasm in the sandstone rocks and ends in a beautiful lake of 3 ha (6 acres) and then continues over a series of rapids. This is the ideal starting place for walking and mountain bike and horse riding trails. Fishing in the lake is another possibility. This area is much loved by rock climbers for 171 routes of 251 yards.

The area is renowned for several legends, the most famous one about King Arthur. According to the legend in this spot, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere disappeared. They were both hiding in two caves facing each over one on each side of the river. A fairy made them promise to only cross the river after sundown to meet each other and lie in the bed of the loved ones. One night the passionate king crossed the river to soon and the fairy punished him by throwing him in the river and he disappeared. Guinevere was desperate and overcome with grief and jumped after him so they both went missing.


Domfront (10min)

Domfront is a historical town with ruins of the court of Eleonora of Aquitaine (wife of Henry II of England) and a 12th century church. It lies on a hill above the valley of the Varenne. Several wall fragments remind of the military past. Several walking and bicycle trails. For the amateurs we can organize Geocaching.

If you drive through the Forêt d’Andaines (15min), you can visit the wellness town Bagnoles de l’Orne or the recreation area in La Ferté Macé.

Forêt d’Andaines (15min). This forest is about 800 ha (16000 acres), planted with different kind of trees. Keep your eyes peeked, it is possible to see, when walking, a deer or roe deer.

Bagnoles de l’Orne
Bagnoles de l’Orne
Bagnoles de l’Orne
Adventures in Bagnoles

Bagnoles de l’Orne (20min)

The biggest asset of this wellness town is the lake wherein the walls of the casino are reflected. The lake and the walking paths lie in the center of the town of Bagnoles. The walks along the avenues with villas or towards Roc au Chien which starts at Bagnoles-Château, offers the nicest view of the town. For children this is an enjoyable place, water bikes, mini golf, adventure wood for young and old.

Recreation domain La Ferté Macé
Recreation domain La Ferté Macé

La Ferté Macé (20min)

In La Ferté Macé, there is a recreation domain with a beach, water bikes, windsurfing, fishing, climbing wall, swing-golf,...

Canoe - kayak and fishing in the Varenne
Canoe - kayak and fishing in the Varenne

Canoe-kayak and fishing in the Varenne (15min)

Glide with the flow of the stream Varenne and discover another aspect of the Bocage landscape.
4 or 7 miles is ideal for families or with friends.
- "Centre de Pleine Nature" in Torchamp

This river offers numerous possibilities for trout fishing. More info

Bungy jumping on the viaduct de la Souleuvre
Bungy jumping on the viaduct de la Souleuvre

Bungy jumping on the viaduct de la Souleuvre (50min)

For the adventurous souls, a visit to the viaduct of Souleuvre is worthwile.
- AJ Hackett Normandie - Viaduc de la Souleuvre – 14350 La Ferrière

Site de la Roche d’Oëtre
Site de la Roche d’Oëtre
Site de la Roche d’Oëtre
Site de la Roche d’Oëtre - Parcours VTT

Suisse Normande, Site of la Roche d’Oëtre (50min)

Suisse Normande is situated in the department of the Orne (name as the river). Suisse Normande (or Suiss Normandy) is hilly and forested with rocks and valleys remind one of Switserland. However, don’t be fooled, no mountains to be found here.
For the sporty and adventurous, there are activities such as rock climbing, fishing, cycling, VTT, canoeing and walking.
- Site de la Roche d Oëtre, 61430 Saint-Philbert-sur-Orne


Castle of Fougères
Castle of Carrouges
Mont Saint Michel

Fougères (34 miles)

A fortified town of thousand years.

The Château de Fougères is a castle in the commune of Fougères. The castle was built on a naturally protected site, a rock emerging from a swamp surrounded by a loop of the Nançon river acting as a natural moat. It had three different enclosures, first for defensive purposes, second for day to day usages in peacetime and for safety of the surrounding populations in times of siege, the last enclosure was where the keep was situated. In all it has an impressive 13 towers.

Carrouges (27 miles)

The Château de Carrouges is a château, dating partly from the 14th century, located in the commune of Carrouges, in the Orne department, Basse-Normandie, northern France. It is unusual in its combination of an austere fortress with a comfortable residence. The original fortifications at Carrouges were besieged and destroyed by English forces during the Hundred Years War. After the war, the château was rebuilt by Jean Blosset, grand seneschal of Normandy, in the 15th century.

Mont Saint Michel (43 miles)

The Mont Saint Michel lies in the southern corner of Normandy which is definitily worth a visit. In the 10th century work on the abbey which later became an island with an impregnable fortress. In 1877 a dam was built to connect it to the mainland.


Golf de Vire-La Dathée - Saint Manvieu Bocage (24 miles)

In beautiful countryside between Villedieu les Poêles and Vire. This course has been 18 holes.
It's a demanding course with hidden bunkers, water hazards, dog-legs and sloping greens, but all are undertaken in an exceptionally,
well preserved natural landscape with spectacular views over the Dathée lake.
Open year-round.


La Différence-Le Pressoir is ideally situated to discover the Mont Saint Michel (43 miles). The Normandy Landing beaches (74 miles).

Historical cities such as Caen (WWII) (74 miles), Bayeux (Tapestry) (62 miles), and Le Mans (24h race) (76 miles) are within easy reach by car.

D-day beaches (74 miles)

D-day was the beginning of the end of the Second World War and these beaches lie between the mouth of the rivers Vire and Orne.

Bayeux (62 miles)

Bayeux is inextricably linked with the famous carpets.
The largest "comic book" in the world.
 In addition to the Bayeux Tapestry offers the charm of a medieval and Episcopal city.

Information for all the activities and excursions are available in a folder at your disposal in Le Pressoir.

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